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“I’m every woman, it’s all in me.” What a great song by the fierce fox, Chaka Khan! This song title exclaims the Poly “live and breathe by statement”.  If you are like the founder of Poly Hair Brands, you love to change your hair frequently, you despise appearing the same for extended periods of time and you need OPTIONS-several of them! YOU truly are and can be every woman.

All women should have the freedom to wake up and choose to be, who she wants to be. Every woman should feel empowered to change the crown that is on her head by switching out her coif as often as her pretty poly little heart desires. Blonde, short bob on Monday. 26 inch Brazilian loose wave on Friday. We don’t judge! We support this notion to the fullest!

Here you will find not only the best in hair choices, but articles on how to also maintain your healthy natural hair. This blog will become your new best friend! We will talk about hair disasters, hair wins, hair goals, hair accessories, hair tools, date hair, work hair, vacation hair- Hair ALL the time! This will also be the first place to find coupon codes and sales for PHB. So kick up your feet, add us to your favorites and get ready to walk into the overflow of quality, versatile hair with multiple options-ALWAYS!

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