Vacation Hair: Help!!

With the Labor day holiday approaching, an extended weekend in some water, just may be what you need for your end of the summer fun. But what will you do with your hair?? Do you dare to swim in your weave?? CAN you swim in your weave?? Well we don't know about your prior hair providers but PHB has swimmable hair that will last throughout the pool, the beach, and the ocean. We recommend the following steps to ensure lasting PHB hair extensions....

Most recommended...

1. Comb out your weave.
2. Put some leave in conditioner in your hair (lightly) and braid your hair into two braids.
3. Wash shortly after leaving the pool with your preferred shampoo and conditioner. (Leave conditioner on longer than you normally would.)
4. Towel dry the hair instead of blow drying.
5. Style as desired.
How many times have you said this?? Not with Poly Hair Brands. You’ll be basking in a beach near you very soon!

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