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Two in one product: Lid liner and paste. Throw your tacky glue away!

This lash paste goes on as a glue and dries as a liner within one minute! This will decrease current strip lash installation time with regular lash glue by more than 50%. Compatible with any strip lash. Easy removal with make up remover. For the average user of lashes ( 3 out of 7 days), lash paste will last for aprox. 90 days and will dry within one minute per eye lid.


Directions: Line lid. For best results go back and forth across lid 3 times. Place cap on pen immediately. Leaving cap off the pen will dry it out. Take strip lash and apply to lid. Allow 30 seconds to dry. Be sure to shake pen up and down before each use.

*lashes sold separately  *not to be used as eye liner

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