Press and Curl Season is here Powerhouses!

Fall is here! Officially on the 22nd of this month but the breeze is already in the air. That means no more humidity, no more scorching temps and that means that the likely hood that your 4C hair may actually have a chance to hold the press is HIGH!! YES! This is your reminder ladies to give your hair a break from the protective styles. Below is a the top four suggestions to keep your coils in check this Fall Season.

1. Consistency is key
Training your natural hair is an entire process. From the products to the amount of heat you expose it to, to the way you care for it at night. We recommend getting a good consistent maintenance regiment for your hair to make sure its healthy. Use the same products. Wrap your hair at night. Use a silk bonnet or silk scarf to wrap it.

2. Your hair is valuable-treat it that way
Most times its easiest to throw your favorite wig on or to break out that forever faithful lace front but you still need to COMB your natural hair. I know that seems basic but trust me, some people don’t do this. Then when Press and Curl season comes, they want to work through or have someone else work through months of knots, split ends and tangles. Love on your natural hair the way you love on your new wig units.

3. Drop the dead weight!
We are not talking about that toxic- in and out ex (but if this hit home, issa sign sis!). We are referring to those ends!! It’s just hair. With proper care, if length is your thing, it will grow back. But not trimming those ends actually does the opposite of keeping it long. It creates breakage. We recommend this great article from Mielle Organics on how often to trim your ends.

4. Stick with the same stylist

You want someone to be familiar with your hair, what products work best on it and they type of styles that you prefer. “Seat hopping” or “Deal shopping” will not allow your hair to grow because no one stylist has had the time to get to know your hair and how to care for it. I know it may be tempting to go to the stylist down the street who is having a $30.00 off of the press and curl service but unless you will start consistently patronizing the new stylist, don’t do it! Be bougie about your hair! Someone needs to get to know your hair as much as you do. So find a stylist that you like and stick with him or her. If you are in the market for a new stylist, discover and book local professional stylists here. Some style seat stylists even take same day appointments and you can read their reviews.